Cards are at it again!

It has been one long year, but now it’s time for the fun and excitement again.

Tomorrow people of St. Louis will notice a sea of red flooding the streets of St. Louis as it is the Cardinals home opening day! It will be a big day, not only for the Cards, but for all of the fans as well.

I, unfortunately, do not have opening day tickets, but I’m sure you will see me out supporting the Card in my new red jersey.

I plan to go downtown after work and enjoy the game at Patios, a sports bar near the stadium.

I’m so exciting for baseball season to be back in action! Pujols will be missed, but with or without him, I expect great things from the boys this year.

Let’s let the season begin!


New Job. Say What?!

I’ve been working at Gateway Center for about five years now. I’d have to say I kind of like it considering how long I’ve stayed.

This whole time I have been their administrative assistant. I have routine work that I do as well as different projects whenever needed.

Every year I hold the responsibility of helping one of our sales managers, Jamie, coordinate our yearly bridal show.

My job has been pretty routine until recently… Last December, Jamie announced that she was pregnant.

I’m so happy she is pregnant, as she has been trying for quite sometime now.  But, never did I expect that her becoming pregnant would possible change my professional life.

Shortly after her grand announcement, our executive director asked me to fill Jamie’s shoes when she takes maternity leave.

Of course I accepted, assuming it would be for about six weeks. Then I was told they would need me from July to December this coming year. Wow, right!

I’m so excited about this opportunity. Not only will I learn so much while being the sales manager for the convention center, but also it will look excellent on my resume.

I can’t wait to get started. I’m going to go the extra mile to make myself indispensable in hopes they will want to keep me in that position even after Jamie returns!

“Let food be thy medicine”

This week I have learned that over two-thirds of America’s population is overweight. Cases of diabetes are skyrocketing. Half of us are taking some sort of prescription drug. And, the country’s leading causes of death are cancer, heart disease and stroke (Forks Over Knives).

Do you think any of this can be changed, and if so how?

I was watching a very influencing documentary the other day called Forks Over Knives. The film included doctors, researchers and patients as they all were involved in multiple case studies proving that one’s health is influenced by what they eat, and it can be improved by eating a plant-based diet.

Growing up I was always told to eat plenty of meat for protein and to drink lots of milk for calcium. After watching this film, I’m afraid to say that I have been making some very life threatening decision.

Not only did I learn that most animal based food is harmful to our bodies, but dairy products don’t do any good either. The doctors and researchers from this film came to the conclusion that consuming high amounts of animal-based foods results in the development of illnesses. Dairy milk, on the other hand, supposedly good for preventing osteoporosis, actually causes for the break down of the bones instead of strengthening them. Also, the higher protein found in dairy and meat can cause cancer growth

After being informed about animal-based foods, I am truly considering a plant-based diet. This diet consists of eating foods from minimally refined plants: fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, grains and legumes. And, not eating any processed foods: refined sugars, bleached flour and oil. All in all, I now know that animal protein turns on the cancer gene, and plant proteins turn off the cancer gene.

I highly recommend everyone to watch this documentary.

Sizzor Shak’s “Next Top Model”

Good afternoon my fellow blog readers:

To all of my family & friends, this week is very important. The voting has officially begun.

What voting you may ask? Well, I am currently competing to be Sizzor Shak’s Next Top Model. There are over 40 girls competing and whoever receives the most votes wins.

I need as many people as possibly to vote for me each day this week. You are allowed to vote one time per day per device. Meaning you can vote on your computer as well as your cell phone each day this week!

When:  March 5th- 11th (44 Contestants), March 19th-25th (Top 12), April 2nd-8th (Top 5)


All you have to do is visit:  You can only vote once per day per IP address (which could include an entire wireless or work network) starting March 5th. YOU CAN VOTE EVERY DAY until the competition ends March 11th at 11:59pm! You don’t have to sign up for anything, create an account, or anything time-consuming.

I’d really appreciate your help!

If I become Sizzor Shak’s “NEXT TOP MODEL”, I will win:

  1. iPod Touch
  2. Free haircuts for one year
  3. Photo shoot with Kyle Weber in an ad campaign as Sizzor Shak’s Next Top Model which includes color, cut, style, & airbrushed make up
  4. Basket of haircare products

Thank you for your time, and all votes count! I will keep you all updated. If I make it past this week, there will be two more rounds of voting.


Cassie H.

So not your ordinary spring break

While most of you are planning your great getaway for spring break, I hope to get a few things done around here.

Don’t get me wrong; it would be nice to sun bathe on the beach in Florida.  Although, planning a trip on top of all the stress I already have, would probably cause an anxiety attack!

Since I will be staying home, I have developed a to-do list for myself.

  1. School work: I have some assignments and exams to study for over break.  In addition to the work I must complete, I also hope to get a week or two of assignments completed.
  2. Pick up more shifts: While I have a few free days, I plan to work more to put money away for my next tuition installment.
  3. Organize my life: My car, along with my room (drawers, closet, etc.), is a complete mess! It’s so hard to find things that I need, because I am living in clutter. I cannot take it anymore. This issue needs to come to an end immediately.
  4. Complete ordinary tasks: It is time for me to go to the dentist, have my yearly check-up’s at my other doctors, get my oil changed and other ordinary tasks. Spring break seems like that perfect time for this.
  5. Enjoy myself: I’d like to take a day or two to do some shopping, lounging, exercising, reading and other leisurely activities that I enjoy.

Whoa, after typing up the things I need to do, I’m not sure if I will make it to my couple days of leisure! Maybe a normal school week is less stressful after all!

Happy spring break all!

My admirable mom <3

My mom is like a flower: very delicate, very kind. When the going gets tough, she only gets stronger.

My mom and I

Imagine you were pregnant at the age of 15. What would you do? You have lived approximately 5,475 days, it is your sophomore year of high school, you are an honors student, and on the cheerleading squad. There is so much still to achieve, yet with such little time.

The questions one ask themselves:

“What will happen to my grades? How will I get through high school? How will I be able to afford college? Will I be able to raise a baby while still being a child? Will the father stick around? Will be worth throwing everything away that I have going for myself?”

People will surprise you and experiences will amaze you. My mom has inspired and influenced me in so many ways.

Through her joyful fear and careful decisions, she grew up and matured early knowing that is what she needed to do in order to raise a baby. She graduated high school early, and then got a full-time job. She gave up doing the “things” that a normal teen does, because she now was not able to be a normal teen. She was a mom.

My mother who was at once a child, who gave up her own childhood, nurtured her baby girl into a responsible young adult. Without her love and support all these years, who knows what would have happened to me. She always stayed strong, never gave up.

She’s someone to look up to, admirable, a survivor, a hero… my hero, my mother.

New Days, New Experiences

Today I was able to experience something that I have never done before. Although I didn’t take much part in this activity, it was still exciting.

Some of my friends and I went out to another friends farmland to shoot some guns! Note that the people I went with are experienced hunters… unlike myself. My friends wanted to go shooting because they got a new machine, which is called an electric clay shooter. People use this device to practice geese hunting. They shoot out pieces of clay into the air and try shooting the clay before it lands. Who would have ever known, right?

Electric Clay Shooter

Well, I took the role of pushing the button to shoot out the clay pigeons in hopes I wouldn’t get asked to try shooting a gun. My plan failed as I was learning how to hold a rifle. It was heavy and complicated. I, of course, was scared and asked to see someone else shoot it first. Once my friend, Kyle, pressed the trigger, I noticed that the force of the gun pushed him back. At the same moment, my other friend, Nikki, told me about her bruises she always gets after a day of shooting.

All I have to say is that I went back to my originally duty of pushing the button! Even though I didn’t end up shooting any guns, it was still nice to enjoy this beautiful day outside with my friends learning a few new things. I’d have to say the first half an hour was more interesting than the last two hours!

This is me after 30 min of "hunting"