Pat on the Back

As the semester is coming to an end, you would think a college student would be stressed to the maximum. At least, that is the way it usually is.

To my surprise, I actually feel quite calm. It is Thanksgiving break right now, and I do have homework and studying that needs to be done. It is no more than any other week- actually, maybe less than an average week!

When break first started, I was feeling overwhelmed. I have and will be working double the amount that I am use to because I do not have classes. I will be attending multiple family gatherings, while I am fully aware that I have three exams to study for, a quiz to take, a blog to write, and a final research paper to pull together. I planned that today was one out of two days that I have available get this all finished!

As soon as I sat down to start getting to work, it dawned on me that I do not actually have to take two of the exams I had planned. Due to keeping up with all of my studies throughout the semester, I have done well enough to not have to excessively cram over this short Thanksgiving break!

Now, I am thanking myself for not slaking and trying my best throughout this semester. I can focus on the assignments that need to be done and not have to feel stressed out while taking time out of my studies to visit family later on this week.

I must say, my first semester at SIUE has turned out to be a good one!



International Public Relations

Today is the last day to prepare my essay before the due date to study abroad in France and Romania with Dr. Nastasia. He is offering a one-month course at the end of the spring semester for all junior and senior Speech Communication majors.

During the course, students will be studying at Universities in France and Romania, as well as job shadowing professionals in the PR field. This would be an amazing opportunity, but the application and essay portion is overwhelming because only 12 students will be chosen to participate.

While doing normal class assignments and studying for exams, I have also been writing, editing, rewriting, and having all my friends look over this one page essay for the past week. At first, a one-page essay did not sound too intense. It wasn’t until I found out the number of students who were able to participate when I started to worry.

The essay should answer two questions: why I want to participate and what I hope to learn during this travel abroad.

My reasons for wanting to participate are:
– It’s an amazing opportunity that students are not always exposed to.
– To experience and learn at international Universities.
– To gain first hand experience in PR firms while job shadowing other professionals.
– To broaden my job opportunities.

What I hope to learn during this travel abroad:
– To learn other cultural values.
– To gain a solid and diverse background in all aspects of public relations.

Hopefully, by the end of the night, I will have full confidence in my essay and will then send it in to the professor.

Las Vegas- Summer 2012

My friends and I have been trying to come up with a fun vacation spot to visit this upcoming summer. We are deciding between going to a resort outside of the country or staying in the states and going to Las Vegas.

A few years ago, after months of begging and having group discussions with all of our parents, we managed to talk our parents into letting us take a trip to Cancun. We went the summer after our first year in college, and had the time of our lives.

That summer was the first no parent trip we had ever taken. We probably didn’t always make the best decisions on that trip nor were we always being cautious, but we all ended up coming home alive and in one piece. Mission accomplished, right? : )

We met a lot of people who we are still in contact with now and also grew a greater bond with one another.  All of us girls have been friends since the beginning of high school, and even though we all live in different places now, we still make time to visit.

It’s been two and a half years since then and it is now time for another “besfren trip”, as we call it.

Considering that we have already been outside of the country, maybe Vegas would be a good choice. We were thinking that now that we are older, Las Vegas has a lot to offer us.  With all the awesome shows, city lights, shopping outlets, clubs, and other attractions, I think this is definitely a possibility.

What is your advise on a fun vacation spot? We are open to all suggestions!

Heather, Brittany, Cassie, Nicky, Christa at Lambert Airport before leaving for Mexico!

Day 1 on the beach!

What a Blast!

So now that all of the Halloween festivities are over, I can finally rest! This past weekend was wild. With the Cardinals winning the World Series and the Halloween parties going on, I felt like I never could get a break.

Friday night kicked the weekend off to a wonderful start. I was working that evening and had a huge crowd in for the Cardinals game. Everyone in the restaurant was so pumped and energetic. When Allen Craig made the last out, everyone in the restaurant went crazy. There were high fives going on everywhere, people yelling, crying, videotaping, and signing “we are the champions”. It was completely insane yet heartwarming.

Now on to the next day…

If you read my last post, you would assume that I did not go all out for Halloween this year, because it was simply too stressful. Luckily, my best friend ceased my stress while coming up with an awesome costume idea for us. When she first told me I was very resistant, saying that it would be too much work to put together.  Then I realized all I needed was a leotard, tights, and a tutu.  One trip to Wal-Mart was all it would take.

To say I was already lucky is an understatement. My neighbor is a dance instructor, so I figured that she might already have the materials I needed.

To my surprise, she had the exact costume needed; white swan from the movie black swan! I did do some alterations to the costume and it ended up being perfect!

My friend, Brittany, was the black swan.  I obviously was the white swan, and one of my guy friends, Josh, decided to be our ballerina man.  All I know is that he had no clue how a ballerina man dressed! His white tank top, black sheer pantyhose, and tutu made him look like a cross dresser!  Although he was a little out of the loop, everyone at the party got our theme, and the night was a success.

This past weekend has been one of the best I have had in a long time.  It was surely memorable and definitely epic.


As this weekend approaches, we are getting closer to the colder weather and more importantly, Halloween.

Halloween brings many fun events; haunted houses and hayrides, pumpkin picking, costume parties, and trick-or-treating. But, the excitement of Halloween changes as a person grows older.

When I was in grade school, I remember being so excited to dress up as my favorite Disney character for school dress up day. I also enjoyed running around my neighborhood with all my friends to see who gave out the best candy!

Now, for me, Halloween seems different. Instead of it being a jolly good ol’ time, I feel that it is more of a hassle than what it should be. Hearing the constant questions, “what are you going to be for Halloween” and “where are you going for Halloween”, seems to be stressing me out.

I can’t speak for everyone else, but I know that I really shouldn’t even be going out this weekend! With the shifts I’m scheduled to work, the exams I need to prepare for, and the papers that still need edited, it would probably be in my best interest to skip this Halloween, although, I would have some very disappointed friends.

While going out one night this weekend won’t hold me back too much, it’s finding the appropriate costume that will. For my age group (in general), Halloween is a time when guys dress up goofy, ladies pay a good amount of money for minimal amount of material, and then they celebrate the weekend at clubs, bars, house parties, or where ever.

A lot of time is invested into these costumes… a lot of time that I don’t have! I feel like now that I’m older it should be okay to go out and not dress up. I may just experience with that idea and see how it turns out!




Lets Go Cardinals!

As most of you already know, the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Milwaukee Brewers last night, Sunday October 16, 2011.

After an amazing and intense season, the Cardinals will be playing the best out of seven games, against the Texas Rangers, to discover just who the best team of this year is going to be.

The Cards have, once again, set the agenda of so many peoples’ lives. This past week and especially today, no matter what I read or where I go, all I hear is “Cards, Cards, Cards”.  Which, I’m not complaining!

I cannot even look through my news-feed (on Facebook) without seeing status after status about the Cardinals! It’s crazy how people in the St. Louis area become in tune with baseball after something huge has happened.

Just a few months ago, only people obsessed with baseball would post “go Cards”, or “good game today, Cards” on their status. Now, it’s about a 10-1 ratio of Cardinal related statuses. One of my high school friends even commented today saying, “haha, if I deleted everyone with a cardinals status, I would have no friends left”.

This goes to show that being apart of the World Series is a big deal. Not to mention, standing seats for game one starts at $234.00 per ticket ( Yes, I said starts. People are paying well into thousands of dollars to be apart of this tremendous event.

Obviously I am a baseball fans (or else this blog wouldn’t have been dedicated to the Cardinals), and I come from a very “baseball crazy” family. With that being said, GO CARDS!! And, I wouldn’t be surprised if my dad comes home with some tickets soon. (Fingers crossed!)

Chris Carpenter
Christian Petersen/Getty Images


Throughout all my years growing up, I have had a sister who is two years younger than me. This age gap seemed huge when I was little, but now it means nothing. I have always heard: age is just a number.

Like most young girls, we played dolls, dress up, pretended we were The Spice Girls, watched movies, and so on. We always enjoyed each other but kept our friendships with other people separate from our own relationship. We always saw each other as loving sisters, never realizing what a unique friendship we held.

Now that I am older, I see my relationships in a new light. I have developed many new friendships and have also witnessed many fade within my time. The relationships that are the strongest and have lasted are ones held within my family.

I can honestly say that no matter the differences that I have with my sister, I consider her my best friend. We hang out and have a fun time together. Spending time with my sister is much different then being around acquaintances. No matter the situation, we make it the best. Whether we end up in our pajamas with no makeup on while watching movies or primping for hours to go out on the town, we can just be ourselves.

Nevertheless, I truly believe that sisters are friends forever and will always be there for each other.  They will always have your back whether you are right or wrong. Although my sister and I do not see eye to eye on everything, we still have a bond that can never be broken. I know I will always have my sister to count on whenever I may need her!