Dreamweaver Exercise

In Exercise 5, I was responsible for further developing a website through Dreamweaver.  The layout was already determined for this site from the start.  I had to work through it to create new CSS rules while using the CSS Styles panel.  I was responsible for creating new rules for visual aspects that were in the menu bar, the header and footer, along with creating the hyperlinks. 

This assignment required me to attach an existing external style sheet to my page.  To do this I had to go to the CSS Styles panel where I selected all of the preexisting rules, then moved the rules to a new style sheet.  From there I found my root folder and saved the new style sheet.

In addition to the previous mentioned tasks, I was also instructed to apply existing CSS class to page elements.  From our textbook, “Adobe Dreamweaver CS6,” I learned to do this by clicking on the element needed and then modifying the style in the Class Menu from the Property inspector.

When making a website it is also important to keep different media types in mind. Style sheets need to be created for all types of media in order to make the site visible to users from any device.  The size of smart phones, tablets, desktops, etc all differ greatly.  Also, it is important to create pages that will print while using little ink.


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