Site Control

Understanding the basic site structure in Dreamweaver is essential to creating a website.  Dreamweaver is different to many other related programs because it focuses on the management of the website.  The basic site structure is the collection of the files and folders.  The root folder is the main folder or point for Dreamweaver.  All connecting pages from the main page will connect under the root folder.

When naming your files it is important to follow the rules from James Williamson.  These rules are as followed:

  • Do not use spaces
  • Shorten the file name
  • Avoid special character and punctuation
  • Avoid uppercase letters
  • Be consistent with file extensions

When starting a new project, you must first define a new site.  There are multiple ways to do this.  You can create this in the welcome screen by clicking new site, then naming and rooting it from the location on your computer.

After you have a new site created, it is important to manage and organize your files and folders accurately.  Managing your files and folders will be done through the files panel.  When making edits to the files and folders, it is best to do so in that panel to avoid redirecting issues in Dreamweaver.

After the folders and files are created for the site, you can upload and download the site to a local or remote server.  To upload to a remote server, you must go to site setup, then to server where you can define as many servers as you want.  Then click the plus sign, name the server and fill in the appropriate information for the following prompted boxes.  Website files can be uploaded to both the server and local server.  The files can easily be transferred from one another.

The author makes note that it is very important to test the website in as many browsers as possible.  To preview the website in other browsers, go to preferences and then click a browser to test or add a browser if the one you want is not listed.  You can also set a primary and secondary browser to your preference.  Previewing in multiple browsers will allow you to notice if you have issues in only the browser or within your own coding.  Using BrowserLab will also allow you to see a screen shot in other browsers.

In the managing sites panel, things such as delete, duplicate, rename, edit, and import the business catalyst site.


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