Creating New Documents

Creating a webpage is the next step after creating the site.  To create a new document you have to choose a page type, layout and document type.  To set up the document preferences, you would open preferences, new document and then choose the correct drop boxes for the following:  default document, default extension, default document type, default encoding, and unicode normalization form.  The default document type tells which version you are using.  The default encoding is usually set in UTF8, which is the Standard English speaking setup.

Accessibility by all users whether they are using browsers, screen readers, and/or mobile devices are very important to the site.  In some instances it is the law to provide full accessibility, Section 508 American with Disabilities Act that states that “any website paid for with federal funds need to meet a certain standard accessibility guideline.”  In preferences under accessibility, Dreamweaver prompts users for accessibility information.  It is important to make sure your site meets accessible codes.

Dreamweaver offers many starter pages for beginners or for people who wish to use an already made layout.  To get to this function, go to new, black page, HTML, then choose the desired layout.  These layouts render with most browsers.   Using templates will give beginners a good starting point to work with and to seek more information. The starter pages can be edited within the layout but are limited.


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