Adding and Structuring Text

It is possible to pull text over to Dreamweaver from Word. There are a few ways to do this.  One way is to go to edit, then preferences, then to copy/past and then choose the preferred options, and it will allow you to place the text in the desired region of your project. You can also do this by importing a Word document, which is integrated with Adobe Suite to your project (This does not work with Mac, only PC).  You would simply go to file, import, and Word document, or you could drag and drop the file to the workplace.

To add structure to your text it is easiest to work in split view so you can see the coding and the preview at the same time.  By clicking inside the desired text you wish to change, it will allow your focus the shift to that area.  Use the properties inspector to edit the format, color, text, size, etc.

Using lists on a website will “allow us to group related content together and structure that content in a way that denotes importance, rank or similarity (Williamson, Ch. 4).”  Dreamweaver allows lists consisting of ordered, unordered and definition.  The HTML properties allow you to create an ordered or unordered list.  The list properties box will allow you to change attributes within the list.

A definition list is not as common as the other lists, but they are an important type as well.  The definition lists consist of DL tag, DT tag, and DD tag.  The order for this list matters.  To get to the definition list, you go to: format, list and then definition list.

Dreamweaver also has a feature called the quick tag editor.  The quick tag editor will give you code hinting which will help you get the edits quickly even in the design view. Quick tag editor can insert HTML, modify HTML and add attributes.


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