The Dreamweaver Interface

dwCs5LogoDreamweaver is a program that will allow users to develop websites. The first video titled Dreamweaver “CS6 Essential Training” by James Williamson goes over the basics on how to use and familiarize oneself with Dreamweaver.

When Dreamweaver first opens, the welcome screen will pop up, which is Dreamweaver’s home page.  It allows you to open a new or recent project.  It will allow you to open different types of layouts as well as give you options to explore more information about Dreamweaver.  This program can be used with both Mac and PC, but there are slight differences.

Within Dreamweaver there are multiple panels.  Panels are able to be opened or closed depending on the users preferences.  To open a panel, one must go to the window drop down box and then simply select the panel they wish to use.  Once the panel is open, you can double click the top of the box to either expand/un-expand it, you can drag it to relocate the panel, or you can close the group/box.

Dreamweaver has many different presets, which makes it easy to switch between workspaces.  Workspaces can be personalized with different panels and toolbars, all of which can be organized in any way.

One important toolbar is called the Application Toolbar.  This allows quick access to different features.  Some features include layout (code, split, design), workspaces, search field (help menu), site, and extension manager (widgets, plug-ins).

The Document Toolbar allows you to choose different views and to preview the page. With this toolbar you can open different view and sizes of the webpage.

The Property Inspector allows you to edit the content.  If you go into the Properties Toolbar you can make edits to the HTML and CSS.  In HTML you can control the HTML elements, and in the CSS you can create and edit existing styles.

The Insert Panel allows for quick ways to edit/add content without going into the coding view.  This panel is also referred to the object panel.  Tabs within this panel change depending on the type of project you are working on.

This group of short videos explores the basic of Dreamweaver.



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