New Job. Say What?!

I’ve been working at Gateway Center for about five years now. I’d have to say I kind of like it considering how long I’ve stayed.

This whole time I have been their administrative assistant. I have routine work that I do as well as different projects whenever needed.

Every year I hold the responsibility of helping one of our sales managers, Jamie, coordinate our yearly bridal show.

My job has been pretty routine until recently… Last December, Jamie announced that she was pregnant.

I’m so happy she is pregnant, as she has been trying for quite sometime now.  But, never did I expect that her becoming pregnant would possible change my professional life.

Shortly after her grand announcement, our executive director asked me to fill Jamie’s shoes when she takes maternity leave.

Of course I accepted, assuming it would be for about six weeks. Then I was told they would need me from July to December this coming year. Wow, right!

I’m so excited about this opportunity. Not only will I learn so much while being the sales manager for the convention center, but also it will look excellent on my resume.

I can’t wait to get started. I’m going to go the extra mile to make myself indispensable in hopes they will want to keep me in that position even after Jamie returns!


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