Ch 17: Organizing Meetings and Events

I work around different events every day including meetings, banquets, weddings, trade shows, consumer shows and conventions. Planning these events take a lot of time and a great eye for detail.

There are lots of aspects to consider when planning an event. Things such as how dim a light should be to which type of tables to use.

There are usually a lot of different areas of workers who also affect the flow of the event.

For instance, you have the person who is planning the event for his or her company. Then, they contact the venue/ sales person who books the rooms. From there you are usually assigned an event manager whom spends weeks to months finalizing every last detail (lighting, furniture, napkins, food and beverage, AV equipment and much more).

In addition to all of these people, there is also some sort of facility crew who makes sure the area is kept clean, trash cans are emptied and bathrooms are cleaned.

All that I have mentioned above is only part from the side of the place holding the event. There is still much more work that was not mentioned and all of the work on the client’s side as well.

Planning events takes a lot of preparation. In order to have a successful event, all parties have to be highly organized and have a great eye for detail. If everything goes as plan, you will feel rewarded after the event!


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