Ch 15: Speeches and Presentations

Giving speeches and presentations is one of the most difficult tasks for most people. I know, speaking for myself, giving speeches was and still is one of the hardest things I’m in the process of overcoming. No matter how prepared and ready I am, I still have the tendency to become nervous and shaky.

I’m not saying it is hard for everyone, but most people do have to overcome anxiety issues when giving presentations. The best way to overcome this fear is with practice.

In the field of PR, many times you will have to write speeches, prepare visual aids, conduct speaker training and other task dealing with the prep of a speech. Researching is the beginning step of preparing a speech. You must also determine the objective, key messages and the strategy/approach before writing the speech.

Next comes writing the speech. Make sure you target the message for the listeners. Keep to three main points. Always let listeners know what you are talking about and where you are going with the speech.

Along with verbal communication, speakers must use nonverbal communications such as facial expressions and hand gestures. They may also want to include visual aids because it helps listeners retain and understand the information. If you do decide to use visual aids, please make sure the aid is not too cluttered. Just a few words or key points are all that is necessary on each slide. Make sure pictures and words are clear and big enough to read. You should never make a person struggle to see your visual aid.


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