Ch 14: Writing tips

Tips when writing:

When writing to others, make sure you include all information needed while still being brief and accurate. You need to personalize as well as be polite and responsible. Always remember that emails are recordable and can always be found, even after deleted.

PR professionals and people of other professions use email on a daily basis. When writing emails you should keep your content to one screen, provide key information in the subject line and use correct punctuation, grammar and spelling. To avoid cluttering other people’s inbox, it’s best to not “reply all” if not necessary. Also, avoid sending non-work related content to other employees or other working people. Always keep in mind that using capital letters in an email usually implies that the writer is mad/angry.

People in my office use email every day, all day. Most of the time emails that I receive are work related, although that is not always the case. Some times people send pictures of their families to the office staff. Other times they will send chain mail or jokes.

In some situations it is acceptable to send these types of messages to coworkers, but it can also become frustrating if it happens too often. Messages like these are often distracting and causes valuable work time to be wasted.


One thought on “Ch 14: Writing tips

  1. Pete Bosak says:

    I really liked this post. We sometimes forget that everything we write must be carefully done, and that all information is included. A reporter friend of mine showed me an email a little while ago. It was an introductory email from a PR pro introducing herself as this reporter’s new point of contact at a major Charlotte organization. But the email came from a general “info” email address. And the writer left no signature.

    Great tips that are sometimes overlooked.

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