“Let food be thy medicine”

This week I have learned that over two-thirds of America’s population is overweight. Cases of diabetes are skyrocketing. Half of us are taking some sort of prescription drug. And, the country’s leading causes of death are cancer, heart disease and stroke (Forks Over Knives).

Do you think any of this can be changed, and if so how?

I was watching a very influencing documentary the other day called Forks Over Knives. The film included doctors, researchers and patients as they all were involved in multiple case studies proving that one’s health is influenced by what they eat, and it can be improved by eating a plant-based diet.

Growing up I was always told to eat plenty of meat for protein and to drink lots of milk for calcium. After watching this film, I’m afraid to say that I have been making some very life threatening decision.

Not only did I learn that most animal based food is harmful to our bodies, but dairy products don’t do any good either. The doctors and researchers from this film came to the conclusion that consuming high amounts of animal-based foods results in the development of illnesses. Dairy milk, on the other hand, supposedly good for preventing osteoporosis, actually causes for the break down of the bones instead of strengthening them. Also, the higher protein found in dairy and meat can cause cancer growth

After being informed about animal-based foods, I am truly considering a plant-based diet. This diet consists of eating foods from minimally refined plants: fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts, grains and legumes. And, not eating any processed foods: refined sugars, bleached flour and oil. All in all, I now know that animal protein turns on the cancer gene, and plant proteins turn off the cancer gene.

I highly recommend everyone to watch this documentary.


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