Ch 13: Newsletters and Brochures

When producing newsletters there are seven factors to keep in mind.

  1. Audience interests- On page 360, the chapter shared the top five employee interests, which are: (1) Organizational future plans, (2) personal policies and procedures, (3) productivity improvement, (4) job related information and (5) job advancement information.
  2. Design- Should emphasize the organizations personality.
  3. Format- No specifics, although must consider budget.
  4. Layout- Reading shall be easily read. Allow plenty of white space on pages.
  5. Photos and illustrations- Photos are important. They should be relevant, captivating, large and never placed at the end of a story. “For every photo of execs shaking hands at expensive dinners and parties, include three photos of ‘regular’ workers hard at work” – Justin Allen, writer for
  6. Headlines- Must attract readers, because it could be the only thing they read.
  7. Lead sentence- Second most important element. (Headline is the first).

Newsletters as well as brochures and magazines are still widely used within organizations to get out messages. I think the main reason why printed publications (in contrast to publications on the Internet) are still widely used is due to them being tangible.


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