Sizzor Shak’s “Next Top Model”

Good afternoon my fellow blog readers:

To all of my family & friends, this week is very important. The voting has officially begun.

What voting you may ask? Well, I am currently competing to be Sizzor Shak’s Next Top Model. There are over 40 girls competing and whoever receives the most votes wins.

I need as many people as possibly to vote for me each day this week. You are allowed to vote one time per day per device. Meaning you can vote on your computer as well as your cell phone each day this week!

When:  March 5th- 11th (44 Contestants), March 19th-25th (Top 12), April 2nd-8th (Top 5)


All you have to do is visit:  You can only vote once per day per IP address (which could include an entire wireless or work network) starting March 5th. YOU CAN VOTE EVERY DAY until the competition ends March 11th at 11:59pm! You don’t have to sign up for anything, create an account, or anything time-consuming.

I’d really appreciate your help!

If I become Sizzor Shak’s “NEXT TOP MODEL”, I will win:

  1. iPod Touch
  2. Free haircuts for one year
  3. Photo shoot with Kyle Weber in an ad campaign as Sizzor Shak’s Next Top Model which includes color, cut, style, & airbrushed make up
  4. Basket of haircare products

Thank you for your time, and all votes count! I will keep you all updated. If I make it past this week, there will be two more rounds of voting.


Cassie H.


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