Ch 12: Tapping the Web and New Media

The fact that the Internet was created in the 1960s for the use of academic research and how we use it now is simply amazing. The Internet is the fastest growing mass medium compared to any other in history. “The number of worldwide Internet users is estimated to be about 1.5 billion people (P. 306).”

The Internet is an easy way for businesses, regular people and PR professionals to get messages out to the public. Some of the advantages over traditional methods are:

  • Information can be spread more horizontally to people
  • Stored and spread digitally
  • Any one can use the resources and participate
  • More cost efficient.
  • Feedback is simpler
  • Information is always changing

People use the Internet for research, news, investor relations, company websites, blogging (personal, corporate, third-party, etc.), Webcasts, social media (Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc.), entertainment, and many more reasons.

I know that I could not live without the Internet. Some of the reasons I use the it is to interact with friends, research, blog, watch videos and read the news.


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