So not your ordinary spring break

While most of you are planning your great getaway for spring break, I hope to get a few things done around here.

Don’t get me wrong; it would be nice to sun bathe on the beach in Florida.  Although, planning a trip on top of all the stress I already have, would probably cause an anxiety attack!

Since I will be staying home, I have developed a to-do list for myself.

  1. School work: I have some assignments and exams to study for over break.  In addition to the work I must complete, I also hope to get a week or two of assignments completed.
  2. Pick up more shifts: While I have a few free days, I plan to work more to put money away for my next tuition installment.
  3. Organize my life: My car, along with my room (drawers, closet, etc.), is a complete mess! It’s so hard to find things that I need, because I am living in clutter. I cannot take it anymore. This issue needs to come to an end immediately.
  4. Complete ordinary tasks: It is time for me to go to the dentist, have my yearly check-up’s at my other doctors, get my oil changed and other ordinary tasks. Spring break seems like that perfect time for this.
  5. Enjoy myself: I’d like to take a day or two to do some shopping, lounging, exercising, reading and other leisurely activities that I enjoy.

Whoa, after typing up the things I need to do, I’m not sure if I will make it to my couple days of leisure! Maybe a normal school week is less stressful after all!

Happy spring break all!


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