My admirable mom <3

My mom is like a flower: very delicate, very kind. When the going gets tough, she only gets stronger.

My mom and I

Imagine you were pregnant at the age of 15. What would you do? You have lived approximately 5,475 days, it is your sophomore year of high school, you are an honors student, and on the cheerleading squad. There is so much still to achieve, yet with such little time.

The questions one ask themselves:

“What will happen to my grades? How will I get through high school? How will I be able to afford college? Will I be able to raise a baby while still being a child? Will the father stick around? Will be worth throwing everything away that I have going for myself?”

People will surprise you and experiences will amaze you. My mom has inspired and influenced me in so many ways.

Through her joyful fear and careful decisions, she grew up and matured early knowing that is what she needed to do in order to raise a baby. She graduated high school early, and then got a full-time job. She gave up doing the “things” that a normal teen does, because she now was not able to be a normal teen. She was a mom.

My mother who was at once a child, who gave up her own childhood, nurtured her baby girl into a responsible young adult. Without her love and support all these years, who knows what would have happened to me. She always stayed strong, never gave up.

She’s someone to look up to, admirable, a survivor, a hero… my hero, my mother.


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