Ch 9: Writing for Radio and Television

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Since we have been concentrating so much on writing news releases and advisories that are targeted to reporters, my main focus has been newspapers.  I never realized the importance of the radio to a PR professional. But, after reading this chapter, it does make sense that the radio reaches a wide range of people. I, for example, listen to the radio every time I drive.

I found a radio news release to be interesting. It’s like a news release with a few formatting differences.  Some of the formatting guidelines in a radio news release include: all uppercase letters, double-spaced, length of release must be specified and the writing must be written in a conversational way.

In this chapter audio news releases, public service announcements and radio media tours were also discussed, and are used by PR professionals when trying to get out a message.

This chapter also discussed television as an important medium. Like the radio, television also has its own news release that contains sound and visual elements. PR professionals also transfer messages through public service announcements and satellite media tours through the television.


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