Ch 10: Distributing News to the Media

Chapter 10 discusses ways to reach the media. The primary distribution channels are:

  1. Email
  2. Online news rooms
  3. Electronic newswires
  4. Mat distribution companies
  5. Photo placement firms

Emails are the most preferred communication method over any other medium. They are less pushy than phone calls, more convenient and efficient, less aggravating and annoying and it reduces telephone tag.

Newsrooms are a primary source for journalist to find news that is “late breaking news (p. 270).” This chapter says that 70% of journalists visit newsrooms. It is a way to quickly send out information when there is a crisis.

Wire services are timely and immediate when it comes to delivery. It allows you to access everyone at once. A newsroom allows your materials to show up on online search engines, as well as distributes multimedia news releases.

Mat distribution companies use cutting and pasting of articles, but they have become less common. Now, it is more popular to post articles to a website of a feature placement firm. Features do not have to be time sensitive, as they can be distributed over a time of several months. They fill news space on the insides of the newspaper and reduce staff cost.

Photo placement firms “specialize in the distribution of publicity photos and captions (p. 267)”, and are cost efficient.


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