New Days, New Experiences

Today I was able to experience something that I have never done before. Although I didn’t take much part in this activity, it was still exciting.

Some of my friends and I went out to another friends farmland to shoot some guns! Note that the people I went with are experienced hunters… unlike myself. My friends wanted to go shooting because they got a new machine, which is called an electric clay shooter. People use this device to practice geese hunting. They shoot out pieces of clay into the air and try shooting the clay before it lands. Who would have ever known, right?

Electric Clay Shooter

Well, I took the role of pushing the button to shoot out the clay pigeons in hopes I wouldn’t get asked to try shooting a gun. My plan failed as I was learning how to hold a rifle. It was heavy and complicated. I, of course, was scared and asked to see someone else shoot it first. Once my friend, Kyle, pressed the trigger, I noticed that the force of the gun pushed him back. At the same moment, my other friend, Nikki, told me about her bruises she always gets after a day of shooting.

All I have to say is that I went back to my originally duty of pushing the button! Even though I didn’t end up shooting any guns, it was still nice to enjoy this beautiful day outside with my friends learning a few new things. I’d have to say the first half an hour was more interesting than the last two hours!

This is me after 30 min of "hunting"


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