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I’m sure we have all had our late night Waffle House adventures before, but has anyone ever considered going there for a special occasion? Maybe for, uh, lets say the most romantic holiday of they year. How would you feel if you lover took you to Waffle House next Tuesday?

Today as I was searching the web, I came across an interesting story. Apparently, participating Waffle House’s prepares a special Valentine’s Day event. Dayne Young said, “The Waffle House in Tifton already has 12 reservations, and they say they are going fast.”

Waffle House started this Valentine’s Day dinner five years ago at an Atlanta Waffle House.

Chris Parrot, Waffle House area director, explains that Waffle House will have cloth napkins, table clothes, dimmer lights, alcohol free campaign, and the atmosphere of five-star sit down restaurant.

The specialized menu includes ribeye and eggs, a porkchop dinner and a T-bone dinner. Of course, the regular menu items will be available, as well.

“The idea is to bring an endearing feel to a southern tradition,” says WALB.

Do you think Waffle House will really be a hot spot for Valentine’s Day this year? What would your reaction be if your honey surprised you here for your romantic dinner? Would you be excited? Would you be irritated? If you would feel offended by this, remember that it is the thought that counts.

While everyone is out with his or her loved one on this special holiday, keep in mind to cherish your time together. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have someone to spend this special day with

Click here to watch a video clip:   Waffle House on Vday



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  2. […] Take me to Waffle House (cassiehoffman.wordpress.com) […]

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