Ch 7: Creating News Features and Op-Ed

What is a feature story, you wonder? A feature story is like a press release that is much more fun and creative. They both have they same format including the letterhead, dateline, headline, lead, body and summary. Although, features stories include photos and graphics!

Feature stories can give background information, generate human interest, and help create understanding.

They are soft news that is not as time sensitive as a press release. They give consumers tips on services and products, recipes, cover news and entertain.

Features stories can be a(n):

  1. Case study
  2. Application story
  3. Research Study
  4. Backgrounder
  5. Personality profile
  6. Historical feature

Personally, I enjoy personality profile stories the most!

An important term that I learned in this chapter is service journalism. This is the “concept of publishing consumer tips and ‘news you can use’.” Readers want to save time, make and save money and get free stuff.


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