‘The Bachelor’: Do you think Ben made a mistake?

Ben and his 11 remaining ladies traveled to Puerto Rico this week to find love. And, I think Ben may have found a little more than just that. First, I’ll share a recap of the episode, and then move onto the twist.

The episode started with Ben’s one on one date with Nicki. The date didn’t go as planned when it started to “rain gatos” (cats), said Ben. But, with Nicki’s cheerful attitude, the day was fun and spontaneous. By the end of the date, Ben had won Nicki’s affection over and the feeling was mutual, because she was given a rose.

Nine of the girls were asked to join the group date but only five girls were able to continue on to the post-date at the beach. Chris, the host of “The Bachelor”, announced that the girls would be placed on two different teams and whoever won two innings of a baseball game were then able to continue on the date.

The girls played an intense baseball game, which turned into five innings. Finally after a hard day, the red team won! Unfortunately, five of the women went home crying while the other five were ecstatic.

Following the group date, Ben had a one on one with Elyse. She felt the chemistry, but Ben did not and sent her home.

One of the ladies, Courtney (the model), decided to break the rules by sneaking out and waiting for Ben to arrive at his hotel. She talked him into drinking wine and going to the beach with her. She then brought up the idea of skinny-dipping. Ben, acting like a typical guy, went along with it.  Who really knows what happen from there?

If any of the girls find out in episodes to come about Courtney and Ben’s randevú, they will all be crushed. So far, everyone thinks of Ben as loyal, sincere, and charming. That may all change soon.

Unless, he proposed to Courtney in the final filming, whichever woman he chose is not too happy with him right now! This past episode may be another failed relationship from “The Bachelor/Bachelorette”.

Ben & Courtney


What are you thoughts on Ben and Courtney?


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