Brainstorming for the Bridal Show

Have you ever looked forward to work? Each year, there are two extremely exciting events that I love. Everything from the days of planning to the very day is a delight.

This event I love so much is the Gateway Bridal Show. Jamie Lane, sales and marketing manager at Gateway Center, puts on the bridal show. Each year she titles me as the bridal show assistant to help her with this big, yet thrilling event.

Considering that this event brings excitement to my life, I’ve decided to produce a press release for the show. I’ve been trying to think of an actual event that is coming up which has relevance to myself.

At Gateway Center, my workplace, we hold a Bridal Show in-house twice a year, once in January and another in July. The January show is this Thursday, so I do not have the time to have a press release published before the show.

Therefore, I am planning to produce my press release this week and hold on to it until July in efforts to get it published for the summer show. This show needs more publicity anyways considering the January show always has more vendors and participants.

For my press release, my target audience will be brides, of course. I will tell about the variety of vendors, the cake dive, the fashion show, and other exciting aspects of the bridal show.

For all of my blog readers who may be getting married in the near future, I’d like to give you some general information for the upcoming show.

Gateway Bridal Show is held on January 26, 2012 from 5-9pm. Brides get in free of cost and general admission is $5. There will be many vendors who are able to personalize your wedding. The show features florists, reception sites, catering, dress boutiques, DJ services, decorators, and much more!

For more information, please visit


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