Ch 4: Finding and Making News

A public relations professional does more than writing. This chapter explains how PR professionals need to be able to generate publicity. Below, I have come up with a top 10 list from the chapter.

Top 10 finds about public relations:                                                     

  1. Top 10 lists is a tactic for generating news along with: special events, contests, polls and surveys, stunts, product demonstrations, rallies and protests, personal appearances, and awards.
  2. Public relations writer is generally referred to as a publicist.
  3. Publicists must be creative.
  4. Publicists must be problem solvers.
  5. Timeliness, prominence, proximity, significance, unusualness, human interest, conflict and newness are the news values needed for a publicist to attract the media gatekeeper’s attention.
  6. To do research on an organization, one should seek important papers, periodicals, clipping files and other published materials, which is all internal news sources.
  7. You should become a “media junkie” by utilizing external news sources.
  8. Be open-minded.
  9. Brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm!
  10. It’s public relation professionals job to generate publicity.


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