Ch 3: The Basics of Public Relations Writing

This chapter is all about the law and protecting people rights. When working in the public relations field, I think it would be best to have a lawyer to go to when dealing with topics that could possibly get you into trouble.

Some issues I still find confusing such as fair comment defense. The way I understood this matter is that if making a critical comment about someone or a company, using the facts, your own opinion and stating that it is your opinion, you will not be sued.

Lessons learned from Chapter 3:

– An interesting find in this chapter is that most works published in the US before 1923 are in the public domains. If created between 1923 and 1963 it is in public domain if copyright was not renewed. Federal government materials can be used freely. For any other copyright material to be used, permission is needed.

– The protection of trademarks include that they are proper adjectives, are capitalized, followed by generic noun or phrase, should not be plural or possessive and are not verbs.

© is the copyright symbol in a copyright notice

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