Chapter 2: Becoming a Persuasive Writer

I never realized how important persuasion is when referring to PR. I see now that many jobs a PR professional encounters will deal a lot with credible persuasion to the public.

I’d say persuasion is not one of my top strengths. After reading this chapter, I hope to put the eight factors to the test to better my ability in this area.

I found this chapter to be so interesting, because it ties into the theories class I had last semester. While I was in that class, the theories made complete sense, but I never realized how they would relate to my major. For example, take cognitive dissonance theory where people already have their own bias toward a situation. I, as a PR professional, would  have to come up with a persuasive strategy to change those people’s assumptions toward the issue.

Being able to join past and present information together makes the overall picture much clearer!


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