Chapter 1: Getting Organized for Writing

After taking a public relations course, it’s obvious that this profession surrounds itself with writing. Chapter 1 stresses the importance of writing. Formulating and maintaining blogs and other social media, press releases, media advisories, e-letters, and other related tasks are an essential component to public relations which all includes writing. I know, while I am at SIUE I need to focus on writing as much as possible in order to succeed in the future.

This chapter also brings up some interesting facts. According to AP style, the following words are only correctly written if they look like the following: BlackBerry, blog, and e-mail.  Until now, I was not aware that these words were written in this exact way. It seems to me that I need an AP style book pronto!

Notes to self:

–       Become better informed about current events.

–       Read more novels, especially award-winning stories.

–       Shorten and simplify words, sentences, and paragraphs to ensure better understanding for readers.

–       Lastly, purchase an AP style book!


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