Pat on the Back

As the semester is coming to an end, you would think a college student would be stressed to the maximum. At least, that is the way it usually is.

To my surprise, I actually feel quite calm. It is Thanksgiving break right now, and I do have homework and studying that needs to be done. It is no more than any other week- actually, maybe less than an average week!

When break first started, I was feeling overwhelmed. I have and will be working double the amount that I am use to because I do not have classes. I will be attending multiple family gatherings, while I am fully aware that I have three exams to study for, a quiz to take, a blog to write, and a final research paper to pull together. I planned that today was one out of two days that I have available get this all finished!

As soon as I sat down to start getting to work, it dawned on me that I do not actually have to take two of the exams I had planned. Due to keeping up with all of my studies throughout the semester, I have done well enough to not have to excessively cram over this short Thanksgiving break!

Now, I am thanking myself for not slaking and trying my best throughout this semester. I can focus on the assignments that need to be done and not have to feel stressed out while taking time out of my studies to visit family later on this week.

I must say, my first semester at SIUE has turned out to be a good one!



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