What a Blast!

So now that all of the Halloween festivities are over, I can finally rest! This past weekend was wild. With the Cardinals winning the World Series and the Halloween parties going on, I felt like I never could get a break.

Friday night kicked the weekend off to a wonderful start. I was working that evening and had a huge crowd in for the Cardinals game. Everyone in the restaurant was so pumped and energetic. When Allen Craig made the last out, everyone in the restaurant went crazy. There were high fives going on everywhere, people yelling, crying, videotaping, and signing “we are the champions”. It was completely insane yet heartwarming.

Now on to the next day…

If you read my last post, you would assume that I did not go all out for Halloween this year, because it was simply too stressful. Luckily, my best friend ceased my stress while coming up with an awesome costume idea for us. When she first told me I was very resistant, saying that it would be too much work to put together.  Then I realized all I needed was a leotard, tights, and a tutu.  One trip to Wal-Mart was all it would take.

To say I was already lucky is an understatement. My neighbor is a dance instructor, so I figured that she might already have the materials I needed.

To my surprise, she had the exact costume needed; white swan from the movie black swan! I did do some alterations to the costume and it ended up being perfect!

My friend, Brittany, was the black swan.  I obviously was the white swan, and one of my guy friends, Josh, decided to be our ballerina man.  All I know is that he had no clue how a ballerina man dressed! His white tank top, black sheer pantyhose, and tutu made him look like a cross dresser!  Although he was a little out of the loop, everyone at the party got our theme, and the night was a success.

This past weekend has been one of the best I have had in a long time.  It was surely memorable and definitely epic.


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