As this weekend approaches, we are getting closer to the colder weather and more importantly, Halloween.

Halloween brings many fun events; haunted houses and hayrides, pumpkin picking, costume parties, and trick-or-treating. But, the excitement of Halloween changes as a person grows older.

When I was in grade school, I remember being so excited to dress up as my favorite Disney character for school dress up day. I also enjoyed running around my neighborhood with all my friends to see who gave out the best candy!

Now, for me, Halloween seems different. Instead of it being a jolly good ol’ time, I feel that it is more of a hassle than what it should be. Hearing the constant questions, “what are you going to be for Halloween” and “where are you going for Halloween”, seems to be stressing me out.

I can’t speak for everyone else, but I know that I really shouldn’t even be going out this weekend! With the shifts I’m scheduled to work, the exams I need to prepare for, and the papers that still need edited, it would probably be in my best interest to skip this Halloween, although, I would have some very disappointed friends.

While going out one night this weekend won’t hold me back too much, it’s finding the appropriate costume that will. For my age group (in general), Halloween is a time when guys dress up goofy, ladies pay a good amount of money for minimal amount of material, and then they celebrate the weekend at clubs, bars, house parties, or where ever.

A lot of time is invested into these costumes… a lot of time that I don’t have! I feel like now that I’m older it should be okay to go out and not dress up. I may just experience with that idea and see how it turns out!





2 thoughts on “Booo-humbug?

  1. jenirae says:

    I know the feeling about Halloween being a hassel. I work in a bar so I was required to dress up both Friday and Saturday. I feel in college it is almost impossible to tell what girls are dressed up as. I encourage you, and all your readers, to start being creative and fun with your costumes. I made both of my costumes this year and spent under $40 for 2 costumes. My first costume was roadkill, I took a black tubetop dress I already had and sewed yellow felt strips down the middle and took a stuffed animal of a squirrel, unstuffed it, sewed it on my side. I then put fake blood and a bludging eye to make it look like the animal had been hit. I then was a lawn gnome for Saturday. I used a green longer button up shirt, with a brown belt, brown leggings, and brown boots (all in my closet already) and then made a red pointy hat out of felt and a white beard. Both my costumes were a hit, cheap, covered my body, and are mostly all able to be used again.

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