A Little Bit of a Technology Rant

We are now in the 21st century and have all types of new technologies. I’m not just talking about the typewriter, anymore. These days we have the Internet where we can engage in social media sites, explore informational web sites, read or watch the news, listen to music, and stream videos on YouTube. Not only do we have the typical computer anymore, but also iPads, touch screen computers, smart phones, and a lot of other new and exciting gadgets.

Along with the new technology, we also have been introduced to a whole new language. For example, “Google”, can be a noun because it is a thing; a search engine. As most of us know, it is also a verb. We now “Google” a statement, word, or anything else  interesting to us that we do not know or wish to learn more about

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

Image via CrunchBase

Like “Google” or “googling”, we have also been introduced to “blogs”, “blogging”, “bloggers”, and so on. What exactly is a blog you may ask? A blog or a blogger is a place were an individual or a group of individuals can write about his or her thoughts, interests, opinions, experiences, etc. (dictionary.com). Therefore, “blogging” is the actual writing part.

There is a new world of knowledge that can be explored via the Internet. Whether you know how to utilize it is the key. To be successful in the future, I’d recommend that everyone becomes computer literate. Can you keep up?!


3 thoughts on “A Little Bit of a Technology Rant

  1. jnberry3 says:

    Though it is a new technological era and we’re all expected to adapt but some of the terminologies we’ve deiced to adopt and just accept as normal American vernacular a few of these terms are a bit ridiculous. For one ‘text’ isn’t a verb, never has been and never will be – now ‘text-setting’ and ‘text-engraving’ these are acceptable verbal usages of ‘text’ in accompaniment of a verb following it…Why? Because ‘text’ is a NOUN! And just because a company decides to ‘coin’ a phrase doesn’t necessarily make it a real word. Example, ‘X-Box Kinects’. What is it a bastardization hybrid of the words ‘kinetics’ and ‘connection’? I don’t know! Because the commercial doesn’t explain it. Companies simply look for words that look and sound cool and care nothing for finding an acceptable definition for said words and terms. And when a company does finally decide to label something with a normal moniker they insist on misspelling it: examples would be ‘Rayzer’, ‘Ludacris’, ‘Nu-Skool’, etc. Unfortunately a great portion of our American society simply doesn’t care about grammar and spelling anymore and so in about 15-20yrs or so we’re going to have an entire nation of kids spelling fabulous=fabolous and ‘connection’=’kinectsun’, and so one and so forth. Now, mind you my examples here are severely overgeneralized and somewhat ranting but it is sad that my predictions concerning the potential’ literacy and grammatical correctiveness in this country could very well come true very soon. I mean heck, I’m an English major and I just used the word ‘correctiveness’ for Pete’s sake! Oh well, El Oh El & El Em Ah Oh!

  2. Laura says:

    I think you are exactly write. If we don’t learn to use every aspect of the Internet we are going to be left in the dust. I don’t necessarily love to blog but I do know that it is important for my professional future. People that don’t know how to utilize these resources are going to be very far behind. I guess whether we like it or not were going to have to learn to love all this new technology.

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